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THE SINISTER SMILE, an adult fiction thriller complete at 63,500 words and featuring William and Willa Mae Lawrence, and Howard Thomas. Howard, the affluent son of a wealthy and influential family, who is suspected of feigning insanity to avoid capital punishment for murdering Willa Mae’s mother plus three others.

The novel begins with William and Willa Mae visiting Howard Thomas, a patient who had been in a mental hospital for almost thirteen years. His psychiatrist thought him to be permanently and hopelessly insane. The reason for William and Willa Mae’s visit was to seek closure, but as they were observing Howard, he caught Willa Mae’s eye, smiled a sinister smile and winked. They knew by this wink that he was not insane and was planning an escape. Did his smiling and winking at Willa Mae say to us, as the cartoon character shouted, ‘I’m back’?

Willa Mae was once married to Howard, but he abused her to the point of death. Doubts spread throughout the novel, asking the question, “Is Howard Thomas feigning insanity or is he truly insane?

The Sinister Smile is suitable for Adults, Young Adults, and women, but will be enjoyed by both sexes.

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