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Mammy A Term of Endearment

Mammy: A Term of Endearment

   I have a new novel I titled, Mammy: A Term of Endearment. Mammy is a fictional story of the slavery of a black woman who after being freed became my father’s mammy. Some feel the word Mammy is a racial term, but my father considered it a term of endearment.

It’s a story of the discrimination many blacks and poor whites still face today, not only in the south but also in the north. It is a story of love, hate, romance, and humor.

Included in the novel are stories of slaves and freed slaves, the stories are principally about Mammy’s family but include the lives and experiences of both slaves and freed slaves.

The novel starts off telling how on a visit with my father to a murder trial in Wilkes County, NC, at age eight, I met Mammy who was then 98 years of age, and decided to learn more about slavery and later decided to write this novel.