Author: Doodlebug, Doodlebug, Your House is on Fire

DARBY is being published by Ecanus publishing.


“One… two… three…”

As he counted Floyd and Virgil began stepping off the paces. The crowd grew ghastly quiet. The dueling field was clear for at least one hundred feet on either side. Anxiety could be felt everywhere. A woman in the crowd passed out, but no one bothered to help her. Virgil was smiling, a half smirk, looking at the sheriff, seemingly playing to the crowd, and nodding to his family confident that he was going to kill his opponent.

The novel, Darby, is named after a small community in the Appalachian Mountains of Western North Carolina. It is a story of humor, danger, suspense, romance and intrigue with the Appalachian dialect of that era spoken.

Darby begins in 1895 when George Woodard, a rocky soil farmer, dram drinker, father, and husband is murdered. Floyd Caldwell, also a farmer found Woodard standing in Elk Creek where he appealed to Caldwell saying, “Floyd I’m stobbed and stobbed bad.” Caldwell rescued him but was later blamed by the Walsh family for his murder.

This blame developed into a feud.


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