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Contrast: Empty and Filled

Biblical Recorder

June 19, 1976

 Contrast: Empty and Filled

                   While in College “long ago” Roy Pipes, Sunday school director of the Peachtree Memorial Baptist Church wrote the following item:         

                  A house of worship may be lonely when empty, but when filled with people is the most beautiful place in the world. 

                Saturday I walked into an empty church and at once felt lonely and afraid. The colored windows partially blocked out the sun casting shadows along the floor. The sounds seem to come from everywhere, and I had the feeling I was being watched. As I turned to leave, I had to force myself to walk when I felt I should run. Once outside, the church looked cheerful and I decided I would come back Sunday.

                Sunday I walked into the same church as I had on Saturday, and it seemed to have changed completely. The windows, with their many colors, looked beautiful. The sounds I heard were of men and women talking and complementing each other on their new Easter outfits. Saturday I had the desire to run, but today the desire was to join them.

                A house of worship can be lonely or cheerful. If it is empty, except for strange sounds and shadows, it will be very lonely. If it is filled with happy people, the shadows turn to beautifully colored lights and the sounds to laughter, talking, and music.

William “Roy” Pipes

Murphy, North Carolina



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